About US

Enjoy the greatest of things being that of having the very best experience possible & to be a provider & recipient of making the best memory ever.

PUGWONKA provides our customers & clientele with Specialty Services Vehicles built to enhance, entertain and exemplify the Human experience front & center stage to the supernatural theater show of the great outdoors. Our staff and operators are the most congenial, friendly and concerned people you will ever meet. They are here to go out of their way to make sure that you have the greatest times possible for your most valued commodity, time well spent with family & friends.

PUGWONKA also deploys “ThePUG” and other of our retrofitted or leased specialty services vehicles “on Special Requests by Infinity Account concierge-specialty-clientele” who make formalized requests within diverse exciting PUGWONKA Operations programs. Accredited Concierge Specialty Clientele who qualified for advanced stage adventures safaris’ and far-journeys trifecta, are afforded a menu of exotic ultimate adventures throughout the Northern Arizona region & expansive dynamic touring through multiple regions and multiple international domains, while covering dynamic terrain and iconic destinations servicing Arizona wildwildwest thematic-destinations and also obscure yet extremely interesting ancient to post modern day ruins. Famous and notorious gunslingers, ruthlessly gifted American first nation-state Tribal leadership in the Indian Wars against the United States Federal Government Troops in wildwest territories are elemental to sought after destinations which first emerged into the public-mind, during the migration of settlers that left the Eastern USA Seaboards for the pursuit of new lands new horizons and the promise of freedom in America.

PUGWONKA is aside from serving as the one & only roadside & shuttle-trolley service premium in Sedona-Metro hub held in high-esteem by the local Adventuring Professionals as a highly functioning multi-purpose recreational retreats and outback-edges adventure vehicle. “ThePUG” also comes with it’s heavy-duty 1 ton capacity original military hauling trailer. The PUG! a perfected retrofitted complimentary machinery for hauling up to 8 passengers and gear, supplies into Outback-Edges of iconic local thematic-destinations in the Arizona territories. Local Adventures are set into motion, depending on what time of year with seasonal changing weather patterns & monsoons.